50KW Professional Electric Saving Box


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This power energy saver featuring aluminum alloy housing with frosted surface, study, durable and safe. It can save electricity up to 35%.


  • Can stabilize electric current, reduce the power loss and electric appliances' burning while using, improve the power of appliance.
  • Stabilize the voltage, keep electricity balance and achieve good power saving effect, and then prolong the lifespan of appliance.
  • Minimize the current wave form distortion.
  • With independent fuse, when the voltage is too high, current fluctuation is too big or electricity power passes the max. rating of power saver, the fuse will automatically shut down, protect the power saver and electric circuit.
  • With LED indicator, shows you the working status.
  • Easy to operate.


Material Aluminum alloy
Rate Voltage 90-250V AV, 50Hz/60Hz
Working Temperature -15 degree to 60 degree
Product Size 13*9*5cm
Package Contents 1 x Power Saver