Compact Aluminum Alloy Key Holder Key Organizer Clip Folder Multi-Use EDC Pocket Tool Gear


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This portable key holder clip is made of hard and light aluminum alloy. It helps to keep your keys organized. It fits about 5 keys or less depending on key thickness. Great for both outdoor use and everyday carry.

The key holder is made with premium stainless steel and aluminum alloys. Its assembly makes it incredibly durable, so it will not break if it falls out of a pocket or gets dropped.
The key organizer can fit up to 5 normal keys for exterior doors, as well as garage doors, automobiles, watercraft, storage lockers, bicycle locks, or padlocks.
Key Organizer tightly holds the keys together and it eliminates the frustrating jingling sound all key bundles produce and makes your keys organize and easy to find.
Lightweight and solid, you can clip in anywhere like in your side pockets or belt. It does not make a lot clanging nose and it does not dangle!

Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Black / Green / Orange (Optional)
Dimension: 7.6 * 3.1 * 1.4cm / 3 * 1.2 * 0.6in
Net Weight: 27g / 0.96oz
Package Size: 7.6 * 3.1 * 1.4cm / 3 * 1.2 * 0.6in
Package Weight: 38g / 1.34oz

Package List:
1 * Key Organizer
6 * Metal Washer
3 * Rubber Gasket
2 * Plastic Mat
3 * Pair of Screw