Pressure Sensor Alarm Clock Mat Rug with Digital Display


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This innovative Alarm Clock Mat will not only get you out of bed on time (you'll literally have to get up!), but also reward you with daily motivation to keep you out of bed!

Powerful built-in speakers

With sounds ranging from 90-120 decibels, it's like a blender going off in your bedroom!

Wake up to motivation

Start your days off right by energizing yourself with custom motivational speeches! Simply hook it up to a computer via USB and drag sounds you want.

Pressure sensitive

Plant your feet on the Alarm Clock Rug for at least 3 seconds to silence the alarm.

Incredible comfort

The soft and fluffy fabric is wrapped around high-density memory foam.

LED screen

The digital screen shows the time clearly.


Power Supply AAA battery (not included)
Product Size 40 x 40 cm
Package Contents 1 x Alarm Clock Mat