T1 6000K 2pcs Car LED Headlight Conversion Kit 360⁰ Beam Angle Turbo Fan


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This LED bulb offers outstanding lighting performance, a much longer lifespan, and high speed cooling, more secure and more efficient. It can look much further than ordinary headlights, and turn your ordinary-looking vehicle into a jaw-dropping light display.

Brightest Light

Can produce brighter, more concentrated light, allows you to see and be seen from a greater distance in all weather conditions.

Turbo Fan

1200rmp from Japan, allows for efficient heat dissipation.

CAN Bus Functionality

Built-in error canceler for vehicles that have error signal issues.

360 Degree Beam Angle

Low beam: standard tangent, perfect beam pattern. High beam: super spot, far range.

Long Lifetime

Up to 50,000 hours of lifetime without color fading or light loss.

Easy to Install

Plug and play. No relay, capacitors or extra wiring.


Power 70W/set for 9005, 9006, H8/H11, H7, H1 (35W/each bulb); 80W/set for H4 Hi/Lo (40W/each bulb)
Light Source US chips
Power Input DC 8V-48V vehicles
Color 6000K
Socket 9005, 9006, H8/H11, H7, H4 Hi/Lo, H1
Lifespan 50,000 hours
Package Contents 2 x LED COB Headlights