5pcs Xiaomi MiJia Robot Vacuum Cleaner Accessories


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This MiJia Robot Vacuum Accessories Set consists of Virtual Wall, Main Brush, Main Brush Cover, Side Brush (2pcs) and Dust Filter (2pcs). Regularly replace the old one to give your home a more efficient clean.

Virtual Wall

  • Slim, lightweight and high-strength magnetic stripe with the width of 25mm and height of 2mm, the virtual wall can be placed anywhere.
  • Long distance barrier, Mi Robot Vacuum can't enter the restricted area any more.
  • No batteries required, convenient for you to use.

Main Brush

  • The floating main brush system can float up and down according to the family terrain. In close proximity to the ground, yet without loss of suction simultaneously, it sweeps out dust and garbage from the ground gaps, to achieve a deep clean.
  • Adopts ABS and German Bayer thermoplastic elastomer material for secondary injection molding; the bristles are made from wear-resistant nylon which is so soft as not to scratch the floor with little noise.
  • included a special comb, used to cut off and clean hair tangled in the brush, eliminating your worry about hair cleaning.

Main Brush Cover

  • Imported from Germany, the BAYER sealing tape is wear-resistant but not easy to deform. Cushioning pads prevent the floor being scratched.
  • Made from high-strength polycarbonate, the main body has strong impact resistance, with mold injection of austenitic 304 stainless steel. The anti-winding steel wire prevents the power cord being involved in the main brush.
  • The main brush with a buckle fixed structure can be disassembled by one hand.

Side Brush

  • Mainly used for cleaning the wall and the corner dust and trash, it touches the ground with the gold tilt angle and makes garbage into the main brush.
  • Adopts German Bayer thermoplastic elastomer material and wear-resistant nylon which is so soft as not to scratch the floor or furniture.
  • Side brush anti-winding structure, also known as "hair isolation bundle", which can be synchronized with the side brush rotation. On the one hand, it prevents hair into the gap; on the other hand, it facilitates the collection of hair.

Dust Filter

  • The E11-rated filter effectively removes 99.2% of particles that have a size of 0.3 µm.
  • Designed to be replaced effortlessly and easily for the ultimate convenience.


Brand Xiaomi
Compatibility Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum
Package Contents 1 x 2m Virtual Wall
1 x Main Brush
1 x Main Brush Cover
1 x Box of Side Brushes (2pcs)
1 x Box of Filters (2pcs)