Copozz Silicone Snorkeling Fins + Swimming Snorkel + Anti-frog Swimming Goggles Set


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The swimming set consist of swimming snorkel, swimming goggles and snorkeling fins. The snorkel allows you to relax in the water and focus to maintain body alignment to improve stroke efficiency. And the swimming goggles ensure your view clearly in water. The fins can provide powerful forward force for swimming and diving, free up you hands.

Swimming Goggles

  • Large frame design allows for large field of view and you can see clearly under water.
  • Adjustable silicone head strap fits for most adults, convenient to operate.
  • Food grade silicone seal ring perfectly fits your eyes, effectively prevent water leakage, make you wear comfortable.
  • Can equip with shortsighted lenses(not included), even myope can freely dive and swim.

Swimming Snorkel

  • A unique floating ball will block the air hole and prevent water entering into the snorkel while the water level exceeds the floating ball.
  • Silicone screwed pipe, easy to bend.
  • Adopt ergonomic silicone mouthpiece for improved comfort and zero gum irritation.
  • Large exhaust and purge valve at bottom for easy water clearing.
  • With strap clip, can be fixed on the straps of Snorkeling mask and swimming goggles.

Snorkeling Fins

  • The foot pocket adopts premium silicone material, soft and comfortable, will reduce friction and chafing.
  • With high flexibility, provide more thrust power and speed up the diving speed.
  • With anti-skid mat on the bottom, prevent accidental slip while walking.
  • Streamline palm can concentrate the water pressure, and bring more strong stability. Dual drain holes provide rapid drainage and reduce water resistance, giving you effortless & fluid diving experience.


Brand Copozz
Material Silicone+PVC+glass(goggles), polycarbonate+food grade silicone(snorkel), PP+TPR(snorkeling fins)
Gender Unisex
Fins Size S: 560 x 180 mm; M: 575 x 180 mm; L: 585 x 190 mm
Package Contents 1 x Swimming Snorkel, 1 x Swimming Goggles, 1 x Pair of Diving Fins

Fins Size Chart

Size EU size US size UK size
S 40 8 7
S 41 8.5-9 7.5-8
M 42 9.5 8.5
M 43 10 9
M 43 10.5 9.5
L 44 11 10
L 45 11.5 10.5