Copozz SK4300 Silicone Front Snorkel for Diving Swimming Training


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With this swimming snorkel, you need not to worry about turning you head to breathe while swimming, allowing you to relax in the water and focus to maintain body alignment to improve stroke efficiency.


  • Wide head strap, easy to adjust, fit any head size, stable and comfortable.
  • Special cone shape tube helps to reduce water resistance, speed up your swimming speed.
  • Adopt food grade silicone mouthpiece for improved comfort and zero gum irritation.
  • With patent one-way purge valve, exhausting bubbles will not block your sight, and without residual water.
  • Allows you to focus on how to improve your swim technique and body position without turning your head to breath.


Brand Copozz
Model SK4300
Material PU+food grade silicone
Product Weight 160g
Package Contents 1 x Swimming Snorkel