E-3lue EKM751 Ergonomic USB Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard High-speed 104 Keys Optional Colorful LED Backlit/Programmable RGB Backlights


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Ergonomic design, the mechanical gaming keyboard is very comfortable to use. It not only can be used in the office, but also can be used to play games. Comes with a detachable hand rest, and you can concentrate on game playing or working for a long time and will not feel tired.

Ergonomic design which is suitable for people who use keyboard to play game or work for a long time.
12 multimedia shortcut keys by pressing FN + F1-F12, and you can enjoy both musics and entertainment in an easy and convenient way.
Durable laddering and floating key caps design, and the double-shot molding key caps are not easy to fade and provide comfortable typing angles and reduce resistance when touching.
Ultra-comfort: equipped with a full-size detachable hand rest which can support your hands, very comfortable. User can enjoy game or work for a long time.
N-KEY rollover allows multiple keys to work simultaneously. It will meet a various of games and bring you a good gaming experience.
With macro function: you can customize and set macro with the keys for various games through the driver.(only for the keyboard with RGB led effect)
Aluminium alloy panel, durable and full of mechanical feel, and it is easy to clean.
Backlit pressing tips: FN+INS, FN+HM, FN+PU, FN+DEL, FN+PD, FN+END.
The borders of the keyboard have lighting effect, which can be turn on/off by pressing FN+PB.
With stand feet to help adjust its placing angle and meet different requirements.
Non-slip foot pads can protect the keyboard from slipping and improve the stability of the keyboard.
1.8m USB weaving wire with anti-interference magnetic ring: great performance in anti-interference, and it can directly plug and use. 

Lighting effect:
1. There are two different lighting effects(optional) of the mechanical gaming keyboards, one is keyboard without RGB, and the other is keyboard with RGB(optional).
2. For the keyboard without RGB: 
Mixed-color LED effect(9 cool lighting effects and 5 recorded modes). With its different LED effects, it will bring you a good visual experience.
3. For the keyboard with RGB: 
Adjustable RGB LED backlit: 6 themes backlit which have 3 different lighting effects in each theme(up to 18 optional led lighting modes). 
16.8 million adjustable colors: each key can be customized and adjusted to 16.8 million colors. You can set your favorite colors by yourself.

Model: EKM751
Type: 1 (keyboard without RGB led effect), 2 (keyboard with RGB led effect) (optional)
Color of type 1: black, white(optional)
Color of type 2: black, gold(optional)
Switches type for black color of type 1: black switches, blue switches, red switches, brown switches(optional)
Switches type for type 2/white color of type 1: black switches, blue switches(optional)
Key quantity: 104 keys
Key life: >50 millions times
Voltage: 5V±0.5V
Interface: USB 
Wire length: 1.8m / 5.91ft
Compatible systems: for Windows 7/8/10/2000/Mac/XP/ME/Vista/Linux, etc.
Item weight: 1040±5g / 2.29±5lb
Item size: 465 * 216 * 43mm / 18.31 * 8.50 * 1.69in
Package weight: 1300g / 2.87lb
Package size: 50.5 * 19 * 5.5cm / 19.88 * 7.48 * 2.17in

1. Only type 2 has macro function and you can click on http://www.e-3lue.com to download driver and use.
2. Only black color of type 1 has 4 switches: black/blue/red/brown switches(optional). The rest three colors just have black/blue switches(optional).

Package list:
1 * Gaming Keyboard
1 * Detachable Hand Rest
1 * User Manual(English and Chinese)