Face Recognition Encryption USB 2.0 Flash Drive Removable Database


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This USB 2.0 Flash Disk features unique face recognition encryption. The fast data transferring speed and its telescopic port design make itself a perfect accessory for your laptop and PC.

Face Recognition Encryption

When you first use it, you should open the software, input you face data according to the instructions, and set a password. Then next time, you can choose to use face recognition or password to open your USB drive.

Remote Data Destruction

If you lose the USB drive, you can visit our website to destroy the data. You will not worry about losing important files, videos, and etc, keep your secret safe.

One Key to Encryption Backup

For fare of data losing, it can backup you data in your computer with just one click, and the backup files are encrypted ciphertext.

Humanization Design

Physical separation of encryption area and normal area. Normal area is plug and play; encryption area can used after face recognition or password, satisfying your different demands.

Telescopic Port Design

Easy to carry, it can save your space.


Material Plastic
Capacity 8G/16G/32G/64G
Interface USB 2.0
Max Rating 5V, 125mA
Operating System Windows XP/7/8/10
Package Contents 1 x USB Flash Drive