KEYES Resistor LED Light Basic Component Kit 501D for Arduino Electronic Hobbyists


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Product Type Component Kits
Brand Keyes
Package Type Plain
Package Contents 1*501D Basic Component Kit
Dimensions us | metric
Depth 45 mm
Height 186 mm
Width 90 mm
Product Weight 342 g
SKU 9732344
DATE LISTED 10/10/2020
KEYES basic component kit 501D contains a lot of common used components while we play the microcontroller, such as resistor of different resistance, LED light of different colors, buttons, transistors and so on. It is applied to a variety of microcontrollers and raspberry pi. Hope you have a preliminary understanding of those electronic components and Arduino development board.
  • Kit:
    • 1*830 hole breadboard
    • 10*F5 green LED
    • 10*F5 yellow LED
    • 10*F5 red LED
    • 2*transistor BC547
    • 2*transistor BC557
    • 10*ceramic capacitor 22
    • 3*LD1117
    • 5*tactile button
    • 1*active buzzer
    • 1*103 trimpot
    • 2*4N35
    • 2*transistor 2N3904
    • 2*transistor 2N3906
    • 10*ceramic capacitor 103
    • 10*ceramic capacitor 104
    • 1*ULN2803
    • 10*electrolytic capacitor 100UF 16V
    • 10*45cm crocodle clip line
    • 1*pack of breadboard wire
    • 10*resistor 100R
    • 10*resistor 100K
    • 10*resistor 220R
    • 10*resistor 330K
    • 10*resistor 470R
    • 10*resistor 1K
    • 10*resistor 1M
    • 10*resistor 10K
    • 10*resistor 22K
    • 10*resistor 1.2K
    • 10*resistor 4.7K
    • 10*electrolytic capacitor 1UF 50V
    • 10*electrolytic capacitor 10UF 16V
    • 1*74HC595

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