Kingston UHS-I U3 32GB Micro SD Card


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The Kingston Micro SD card offers higher storage capacities for more music, videos, pictures, more games – more of everything you need in today's mobile world. It is also suitable for DSLR and 4K camera with the SD card reader.

Fast and Powerful

Fast UHS-I Class U3 speeds of up to 90MB/s read and 80MB/s write. Supports you to take full HD, ultra HD, 3D and 4K/2K videos.

Stable and Durable

Made with high quality storage grain, can make the date transmission more stable and fluent, durable for long term use.

Strong Compatibility

Can be used in mirrorless camera, DSLR and 4K camera with SD card reader. Store your precious memory and makes your life more interesting.

Can Be Used in Severe Environment

This SD card is water proof, shock and vibration proof, protected from airport X-ways, and can work in -25℃~85℃.


Brand Kingston
Capacity 32GB
Read Speed 90MB/s
Write Speed 80MB/s
Format FAT32 (microSDHC 32GB)
Operating Temperature -25℃ to 85℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ to 85℃
Voltage 3.3V
Product Size 11mm x 15mm x 1mm
Package Contents 1 x Micro SD Card