PCsensor VoltOTG DC Voltage Meter Works with Android Phone/PC


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VoltOTG is an Android mobile phone voltage meter which based on the USB OTG interface, through the matching adapter it can also be connected to the computer USB port. It can measure DC voltage, and show it on the mobile phone screen in real time.


  • Real-time display of measurement results.
  • Compatible with Android and PC.
  • Ultra low power consumption.
  • The matching Android mobile phone software can see the measured signal waveform,with data saved to the file and other functions.
  • Not recommend for measuring high voltage because VoltOTG probe and USB are not isolated.
  • Easy to carry and convenient.
  • Note: Android mobile phone must support the OTG function then it can be used.


Brand PCsensor
Model VoltOTG
Measurement Range -40~40V
AD Conversion Rate 15~240SPS
USB Communication 115200BPS
Accuracy 1%
Package Contents 1 x Volmeter, 1 x Test Pen Probe, 1 x Test Hook Probe, 1 x Alligator Clip Probe