WUZHI ZK-152H AUX + Bluetooth V5.0 Audio Digital Power Amplifier Stereo Board


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Product Type Modules
Bluetooth 5.0
Package Type OEM
Package Contents 1*Shell-less Power Amplifier Board
Dimensions us | metric
Depth 34 mm
Height 14 mm
Width 55 mm
Product Weight 31 g
SKU 9733413
DATE LISTED 11/5/2020
  • Chip model: TPA3110D2(with AM interference suppression)
  • Audio input: Bluetooth + AUX
  • Power Supply: 9-24V (The power amplifier chip above 20V needs heat sink)
  • Adapter speaker: 5-30W, 4-16Ω
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0 (>15 meters without occlusion)
  • Bluetooth name: BT-WUZHI
  • Protection mechanism: Input anti reverse connection protection; output overheating, DC protection
  • Tip: To have enough output power if the audio input is sufficient and the supply voltage/current is sufficient. The power supply voltage is higher and the relative power will be larger. The speakers with different impedances will have different output power. In the case of sufficient voltage and current, the larger the ohms of the horn, the smaller the relative sound power. Please pay attention!
  • Output power (@1KHz)
    • 16W*2@12V 4Ω
    • 10W*2@12V 8Ω
    • 15W*2@16V 8Ω
    • 20W*2@20V 8Ω (The power amplifier chip above 20V needs heat sink)
  • Q&A:
    • How to choose a power supply?
      • The power supply for the board is crucial. The power supply requires small output ripple and sufficient current. It is recommended to use 12V / 19V power supply with current above 2A. If you only have 9V / 1A power supply, you can use it, but the power is small, you can only bring a small horn.
    • How to choose a speaker?
      • Generally, the selected impedance of the horn is 4-8 ohm, and the selected power is 5-30w. Improper selection of impedance and power will affect the sound quality.
    • How to select Bluetooth or aux audio input mode?
      • This power amplifier board mode selection follows the principle of hardware priority. If the aux headset cable is not plugged in, it is Bluetooth mode. Bluetooth is called BT-WUZHI, and can be connected with mobile phones and other devices. If the aux headphone cable is inserted, it is aux input mode, and Bluetooth is turned off.
    • When the sound becomes louder, the phenomenon of turbid sound appears.
      • The sound is distorted. Please change the adapter power supply with a higher voltage rating.
    • After the sound becomes louder, the sound is stuck.
      • The input power is insufficient, and the power supply itself is intermittently powered off. Please replace the power supply with a larger power.Or the output power is too large, the power amplifier board is seriously heated, and thermal protection occurs, reducing power usage or enhancing heat dissipation.

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