xDuoo TA-01 24Bit/192KHz USB DAC Tube Headphone Amp


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Thanks to the dual Wolfson WM8470 DAC chips and XMOS chip, the xDuoo TA-01 DAC/AMP delivers impressive sound at an accessible price. The TA-01 accepts up to 24Bit/192KHz USB signal and pairs well with headphones of any impedance, breathing new life into every detail.

Professional dual Wolfson WM8470 DAC chips

Each channel is processed independently, resulting in lower crosstalk and noise for an overall cleaner performance.

12AU7 tube and transistor for class A buffer

Brings some warmth to the sound signature, hitting the sweet spot between analytical reference and homemade hi-fi.


Capable of asynchronous USB 2.0 transmission, the TA-01 features a USB 2.0 input and quarter-inch headphone outputs. The RCA jacks double as both input for the amp and output for the DAC.

XMOS chip

Adopts XMOS chip for USB signal input, PC jitter-free USB Audio with Asynchronous Transfer Mode, provides I2S interface for decoding, can support up to 192KHz/24Bit USB signal, support WASAPI, ASIO, KS Kernel Stream Mode.

Drive any pair of headphones

Since the TA-02 can handle impedances up to 600 ohm, it's the perfect complement to your high-end, power-hungry headphones.

DC 12V adapter

It uses DC 12V adapter for power supply, through professional boost circuit, making sure the tube is worked at its best condition.

2-Setting Gain

Built-in 2-Setting Gain, suitable for matching with different headphone.


Built-in overvoltage/overcurrent protection, so that it can be prevented damage to the amplifier if the input voltage/current exceeds the limit value.

Mute circuit

Built-in mute circuit when turn on amplifier to avoid POP noise and make sure the tube is worked at its best condition.

Aluminum-shielded case

Use aluminum-shielded case to prevent external interference noise.

Connect to the audio device:
1. Connect your computer to the USB port of the unit via the USB cable, play music files on your computer. Then connect the headphones to the unit, listening to music.
2. Connect the audio device to the Line-in port of the unit via a audio cable (not included). Playback music on the connected audio device, and then connect the headphones to the unit, enjoying fabulous music.


Brand xDuoo
Model TA-01
Input USB 2.0, RCA (L, R)
Output 1/4 inch (6.3mm) headphone jack, RCA (L, R)
Power Source DC12V 2A adapter
Output Power 2100mW (32ohm load)
Compliant OS Win XP,Vista,Win7,Win8 (must install driver)
MAC OS X (do not need to install drivers)
Supported Sampling 16-24Bit/44.1-192KHz
Frequency Range 10Hz-100KHz (AMP), 20Hz-20KHz (USB)
Gain +6/+17 dB
THD+N 0.03% (1KHz)
S/N 110dB
Suitable Headphone Impedance 16ohm-600ohm
Product Weight  410g
Product Size  140 x 80 x 82 mm
Package Contents 1 x xDuoo TA-01 Headphone Amp, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x CD, 1 x 12V 2A Power Adapter, 1 x Manual